DTS Monitoring

    From a service perspective, we monitor the hydraulic oil filter.  When the oil filters dirt holding capacity is reached the electrical indicator on the filter lights up and sends a signal to the gateway in our telemetric panel.  From the gateway we receive a signal via email and/or text informing us that the filter needs changed. Our service technician is able to respond to the need and provide the customer with a new filter. 

   Similarly, one of the most powerful tools of the DTS is the ability to troubleshoot the engine.  The DMI Telemetric Monitorying System is designed to transmit engine DM1 Fault codes upon diagnosis from the engine. The engine uses a J1939 communication protocol to send messages from sensors to the ECM (Engine Control Module).  Our telemetric system reads the Fault codes from the J1939 network and then transmits a notice to a DMI service technician that the engine is experiencing difficulties. By transmitting the DM1 Fault codes the service tech from DMI or Caterpillar can arrive prepared to the job site to fix the engine. The ability to receive engine data allows us to provide prompt response when the engine requires servicing.  


Monitoring System Operation

    Additional information is also transmitted from the DMI Telemetric Monitoring System.  Bending pressure, Pin Up pressure, Compressor operating pressure and hydraulic fluid temperature is also available for analysis.  All engine data and operating codes transmitting on the J9139 network in the ECM can be monitored. 

Our systems are set up to read the Engine torque, and operating speed and coolant temperature. Understanding how the engine responds to the demands of each bending operation provides us with the knowledge to build more efficient equipment and better utilize available horsepower.  

An additional feature of the system is the GPS tracking system. Not only is the current GPS location available, but also the GPS tracking  history of the machine.


For more information on how DTS can benefit your operation, please contact DMI Engineering or your DMI sales person and inquire about our 22-36 Super Elite pipe bending machine. 

Written By:  Pat Kinnison and Chrystal Bates
All Rights Reserved
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