We recently posted an article about the DMI upgrades to the Super Elite 22-36 pipe bending machine.  While there were many key upgrades to the hydraulic operating system, there was also a brand new feature that was included in the machine upgrade.  That feature was the DMI Telemetric System (DTS)


What Is It

    Telemetrics is an automatic measuring system that utilizes transmission of data across the internet and broadband sources in order to monitor equipment remotely.  We installed this system on specific benders in order to gain an understanding of how operators use the equipment in the field and as a service tool for the pipe bending machine.  The implementation of this system has been quite successful and the information it provides has been very beneficial.  


Unlimited Benefits

    Many more parameters can be established and monitored depending upon the needs and requirements of those monitoring the pipeline equipment. The list of parameters that can be monitored is unlimited.  The data can be used to understand the parameters of the bending method or for notification of the bending operations. 

    Telemetric systems are not new; nor are they new to the pipeline industry. Much of the equipment utilized on the Right Of Way already utilize this technology.  We believe this system will allow us to create a higher level of service to our customers by being proactive rather than reactive to the service needs of the equipment.  


Written by:  Pat Kinnison and Chrystal Bates
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