International Bender of Choice

Super 36-48 Pipe Bending Machine

Sleek Design

This bender has many features that makes it an excellent choice for the international markets.  Designed to a maximum width of 12’-6” width which keeps the unit within the road width limits and does not require special permitting in some countries.  Thus allowing the bender to be moved between different job sites without unnecessary delays in permit acquisition. Combine the narrow foot print with the 121,000 lb total unit weight and this unit will increase your agility and bending crews efficiency, helping you come in on time and on budget.


Power Unit

The 36-48 pipe bending machine utilizes a 250 horsepower CAT/Perkins engine. Operating at 2200 rpm this power unit provides more than sufficient torque to drive the unit through the most difficult bends. Combined with a 20,000 lb pulling force winch with a free wheeling drum and optional controls for driving a hydraulic mandrel, this unit is outfitted to meet and exceed the rigorous demands of bending pipe on the right-of-way.


The Flow

Another innovation that lends itself to its improved bending performance is the “High/Low” pump configuration.  The pump supplies maximum flow to the circuit during the low pressure retraction and extension mode of operation for the bending process.  As the Outboard cylinders enter the bending mode of the operation, the pump displacement is reduced so that maximum pressure can be reached.  This allows the circuit to operate under a low flow and high pressure condition at maximum engine torque. The benefit of this system is the reduction of the time spent retracting and positioning the cylinders, thus providing greater precision when entering the bending zone of the pipe.  


Environmental Factors

The environment surrounding the pipeline is known to have a vast amount of exposed dirt due to the digging & moving of the earth while constructing the pipeline.  Pipe bending machines use hydraulic systems and one of the primary reasons those systems fail is contamination. Most pipe bending machines utilize either a return line or a pressure filtration system.  We have incorporated into this machine with both a return line and a pressure line filtration system to combat the fine silt dust found on the right of way as well as to combat the multiple points of ingression in a hydraulic system used in this environment.  We have also reduced ingression points by redesigning the sealing system on the hydraulic cylinders and reservoir breathing filters, resulting in a trouble free operation and a longer service life for the equipment.  


Safety Measures

This machine is designed with a hydraulic remote controls system, which keeps high pressure and high flow hydraulic lines away from the operator. It also features dual pressure hydraulic controls for the Pin-Up and Bending circuits, thus allowing the operator to establish the required bending forces and greatly reducing the possibility of wrinkling the pipe by over bending or by bending on the back of the die. 

Written by: Pat Kinnison and Chrystal Bates

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