About DMI - A World-Class Company Manufacturing Pipeline Equipment

DMI INTERNATIONAL, LLC. ("DMI International") is a world-class company dedicated to manufacturing, marketing, and supplying both construction and maintenance equipment services to the pipeline industry.  DMI manufactured products include; pipeline bending machines, mandrels, clamps, cradles, and other pipeline equipment.

Our facility is designed to provide specialized service and manufacturing centers for our product lines.  Our large pipe bending equipment is manufactured in a facility designed for the complex requirements of welding and manipulating heavy equipment.  Our smaller pipe bending machines are manufactured in our high production center.  Hydraulic and Pneumatic Clamps and Mandrels are manufactured congruent to our machining center due to the number of specialized components utilized on the construction of clamps and mandrels.  We built a state of the art painting facility specifically for our unique product lines.  Our corporate headquarters hosts Sales, Logistics, Operations, Marketing and our Management team.  Engineering is centrally located to serve all facets of our business.

Two Service Centers, One Location

We have two service centers staffed to focus on repairs and re-manufacturing equipment.  One service center focuses on Clamps, Mandrels, Facing Machines and Power Units.  The other service center focuses on Pipe Bending Machines.  These service centers employ highly trained and experienced Technicians and Service Personnel.

When you buy or lease from DMI International, you are assured of competent, around-the-clock service and support.

DMI International - The Industry Standard

We have earned a reputation in the industry for quality and reliability. Whether you need equipment in order to maintain or service a refinery or build a large diameter cross-country pipeline, DMI International is here to supply the pipeline equipment you need, fusing it with world-class service.

DMI International also employs a full-time staff of Sales Technicians who travel the world helping our many customers.  DMI International maintains our corporate headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has field offices located in Center, Texas; Conroe, Texas; Alice, Texas; Midland, Texas; and Lock Haven, Pennsylvania.  We also have equipment in the Middle East, South America, and Canada.

DMI International hydraulic 36-48 pipe bending machine for the pipeline
DMI International Pipeline equipment being serviced by our service technician