Terms of Use and Copyright

Effective 1/1/2020


These Terms of Use apply specifically to DMI International, Inc.’s website as well as in whole or in part to other social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter, Instagram, etc.


This website, which includes all of its technical content, images, blogs, brochures, catalog or any information made available thru this website, or social media sites that are associated with DMI International may be used solely under these conditions.



DMI International, Inc. does not make or infer any assignments of material used in conjunction with this website.  Users have a nonexclusive, non-transferable revocable limited license to access and use content and material that may be found on this website. DMI International reserves the right to cancel or change this agreement without notice and may remove information and content without notice at any time.


Limitations of Use

Information and material found on this website are for personal use and cannot be used for commercial purposes or resale to the public. The website and its construction may not be decompiled for discovery of its architecture or to extract information. This website or any portion thereof may not be exported or reused or reconstructed for personal or commercial use. The material from this website may not be used in any way that harms DMI International or its employees. Any unauthorized use of this website, material, brochures or content contained herein is strictly prohibited.



We do not warranty or guarantee the accuracy of the material contained on this website. Technical information provided for equipment regarding performance, specifications, dimensions and weights can vary depending on final configuration of the equipment. Users should contact DMI International for actual specifications at the time of shipment. DMI International does not accept responsibility for errors regarding the technical information, nor the consequences of any errors, nor the consequences of changes in the specifications contained herein. DMI International reserves the right to modify the equipment performance and specification without notice.


Intellectual Property

Nothing in the Terms of Use should be construed as transferring or assigning copyright or intellectual property rights for licenses unless we expressed so in writing.  Users agree that all material, brochures, catalog, blogs and other information contained herein are protected by US Copyright, Trademark and patent laws.



Users are welcome to provide links to our website blogs and technical information providing that you do not reframe the material in violation of these Terms of Use and copyright notices.  Users must discontinue using links to this website or its content if requested by DMI International.



DMI International may at its discretion use content provided on this website through technical specifications or blogs for social media publications, magazines, technical journals or trade shows. DMI International does not assign or transfer copyright of such material. Material provided by DMI International may be repackaged to fit the user’s platform and may be edited to fit the users medium.  No assignment of copyright may be assumed when content is provided by DMI International.


No Solicitation

Users of this website agree to not solicit or distribute any content regarding advertising or promotion of goods or services via this website through contact portals or contact emails supplied on this website to any DMI International employees.  Any interactive areas of this website where you may list your name address and email address you may recommend goods or services available from third parties as long as you have no financial interest or receive direct benefit from the recommendation.  In no event may any person solicit any DMI International employee with contact data retrieved from this website.



Aspects of this website require you to register in order to obtain access to additional resources, content and material.  If registration is requested, you agree to supply accurate and complete information. You are responsible for preventing unauthorized use of your registration and password.  You are requested to inform DMI International if unauthorized use of your registration has or could occur.


Errors and Correction

DMI International does not guarantee that information on this website via web pages, catalogs, brochures, blogs etc will be error free. Nor does it guarantee that the website or materials contained herein will be free of viruses or other harmful malware. Nor does it guarantee that all content and materials will always be available.  DMI International reserves the right to remove or change features and content of its website without notice.


Third Party Content

Third party content may appear on this website or may be accessible through resources or downloads links.  DMI International is not responsible for and assumes no liability for the accuracy of this material.


Limitations of Liability

DMI International is not liable for any loss, injury, damage, etc resulting from use of its website, material, content, blogs, brochures, or catalogs. We are not liable for any damages resulting from viruses or malware or other disabling features arising from the use of the website.



You hereby indemnify and agree to defend and hold harmless DMI International, Inc., it officers, employees, suppliers, contractors and copyright shareholders as well as any third party providers against all forms of claims, losses, damages, costs and fees associated with or resulting from violation of these Terms of Use.