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Service with a Mission

DMI International LLC

     The character of the pipeline industry is built on integrity and service.  Finding a way to get the job done regardless of the obstacles builds grit into the character of those who run the equipment on the right of way as well as those who supply the equipment for the right of way.

     Robert Buchanan started a machine shop in 1974 called DIECO Manufacturing.  Later he incorporated welding and fabrication capabilities.  Most of their initial customers were directly linked to the pipeline industry.  As they became more entrenched as a supplier their product range began to grow.  It was in that very machine shop where he got his feet wet, building Pipe Bending Machines for customers.  By 1992 building these machines became substantial enough to stand as its own company, thus DMI International was formed and officially started building equipment for its own sales and rental fleet.

     As demand for competitive pipe bending equipment grew, DMI International was incorporated and became a major competitor and a key supplier to the pipeline industry for clamps, mandrels, pipe bending machines and all of the accessories contractors need to get the job done.  Today, DMI is located on 10 acres in Tulsa, Oklahoma and encompasses over 12 buildings. 

     Supplying equipment became the initial launch into the pipeline industry. As demand for DMI equipment grew so did the need for a service branch.  Clamps, mandrels and pipe bending machines needed to be converted to match the pipe requirements for the next job.  

     Transporting equipment back to Tulsa for service and conversions was the normal procedure for equipment suppliers.  DMI had different plans.  To reduce the time for conversions between jobs and to be available to the contractors on the line, DMI needed to be close to the work. 

Service Facilities

     In 2013 DMI opened its first field service facility in Pennsylvania.  This put DMI in the heart of the Marcellus Shale gas field.  From this location, DMI was able to service most of their customers in that area within 24 hours.  This unprecedented move gave DMI a competitive advantage that was rewarded with new business and substantial growth.

     Built on the pattern from its first facility, DMI subsequently established four more field service locations across the United States.  As a result, DMI can be on most right of ways in 24 hours with new equipment.  DMI currently services the pipeline industry from the following locations.


     While following industry trends is important, DMI’s mission has always been to design and manufacture equipment that exceeds the customers expectations.  Listening to the voice of the customer and helping them solve their production problems has been both challenging and rewarding, say’s DMI’s president, Bob Buchanan. 

     When the industry moved toward heavy wall pipe a few years ago, DMI accepted the challenge and began producing bending equipment with greater capacity.  Their responsiveness to the demand and their manufacturing agility became a hallmark in the industry.  Customizing equipment to meet specific customer requirements creates a win-win situation for DMI and their customers. 


     The DMI website is loaded with updated technical information about pipe bending equipment as we hope to service the industry through the technology of the internet. Call 918-438-2213 or email us at [email protected] for further information.

     We recognize that our growth and success are attributed to the pipeline industry and its loyal customers. We pray for everyone's safety as the industry returns to normalcy.  And we would like to thank Pipeliners Hall of Fame magazine for the opportunity to be a part of their August 2021 magazine issue.

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