Hydraulic Oil: Oil Life

DMI International Hydraulic Oil Additives and oil life

Hydraulic Oil Fundamentals  In part 1 of this series on hydraulic oil we discuss the basics of viscosity and conclude that it is important to select the correct oil viscosity based on the environmental and operational effects on the system.  In this section of the hydraulic oil blog post we will discuss a few general…

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Hydraulic Oil: Viscosity

DMI International hydraulic oil viscosity

Hydraulic Oil   Fundamentals       The animating element of a hydraulic system is the hydraulic oil.  For something so important you would think it would get more attention.  We buy it in bulk so we can get the best price but we give little attention to how we store it and transfer it into…

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16-30 Super Pipe Bending Machine

DMI 16-30 Super Pipe Bending Machine with new filtration system

REDESIGNED 16″-30″ Super Pipe Bending Machine DMI International’s New 16-30 Super Pipe Bending Machine not only has a new look, it has lots of new features. New Features Save The Day When engineering pipeline equipment one must take into consideration several factors.  Safety is a huge factor in today’s world, especially when it comes to…

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International Bender of Choice

DMI International hydraulic 36-48 pipe bending machine for the pipeline

Super 36-48 Pipe Bending Machine Sleek Design This bender has many features that makes it an excellent choice for the international markets.  Designed to a maximum width of 12’-6” width which keeps the unit within the road width limits and does not require special permitting in some countries.  Thus allowing the bender to be moved…

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